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- HappyCreation - HappyCreation

Are you familiar with :

Standing in an amazing beads store, with a selection
of hundreds of colorful beads for designing your own necklace.
But somehow nothing comes close to the desired idea you imagined.

You will dive into the world of Art and Creativity
by participating in a HappyCreation  workshop.

After a welcome refreshment you will learn about the basics of the different materials
and the techniques needed for crafting jewelry pieces.

With the help of the unique jewelry collection of Buntschmuck
and the creative guidance provided every participant will create and design
their own characteristic one of a kind jewelry piece.

Tips for Berlin Visitors:

Having spent the day sightseeing or before an evening event –

The WorkshopGallery will open for Berlin Visitors even for unusual times.
Just contact me well in advance.

It will give you the chance to be part of one of the HappyCreations Workshops
and to relax  from all the hustle and bustle of the Big City.
Dive into the wide range of beads by  .

Only 40 min from the HAUPTBAHNHOF you will get to know one of the creative sides of Berlin.

If interested  please contact me.


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